In my mind’s eye …

Timeton (tim-i-ton, not time-ton) is a fictitious village roughly in Northern England, probably the Peak District. It is the basis for a modelling exercise I have recently started, using 00-scale railway, architecture, people and vehicles. I aim to record it’s development on these pages from conceptualisation to, I hope, completion. I want to show that […]

Planning: 3. Landscape designing

Planning the landscape, the hills, roads, village, station and so forth is what this layout really exists for. The completed project will be a railway line passing through a series of dioramas full of interest, the day to day life of English village from the 1950s or 60s. Perhaps some humour thrown in too. Ideas […]

Planning: 2. Refining the track plan

Starting from the layout the first step was to recreate it in WinRail, ready for my modifications. The modifications were straightforward and can be seen by comparison between the two plans shown here.The changes are minor. As the small station will be in the centre that area of the return loop is flattened slightly, […]

Planning: 1. Concepts

My initial thoughts for this model were to build something large enough to be interesting but small enough to fit the limited space (and budget) in our home without major disruption; and have a fully functioning railway using the latest technology, but primarily as a background to my real passions of architectural and scenic modelling. […]